SPF Lite Laboratory Benchtops


Lightweight, chemically resistant & instantly repairable resin benchtop for laboratories.


SPF Lite is our very own benchtop designed primarily for use in laboratories. The concept and design of SPF Lite began through collaboration between SGF Laboratories and researchers from The Australian National University Chemistry Faculty.

Research was conducted in a number of areas including: behaviour of end-users in laboratories; laboratory environments – effects of chemicals, wear-and-tear, staining and other diminishing factors and importance of visual aesthetics to the end-user of the laboratory. 

Key requirements were identified: 

  • Level of chemical resistance. 
  • Level of hygiene. 
  • Impermeability to bacteria. 
  • Resistance to heat and impact. 
  • Repairability. 
  • Cleanability. 
  • Appearance. 
  • Versatility. 
  • Low maintenance cost. 
  • Lightweight/easy to move. 
  • Easy installation. 

SPF Lite exceeds all of these requirements to a high standard. SPF Lite is now installed in over 100 different facilities around Australia and America including: schools; universities, research facilities, waste management plants, food research facilities, forensics laboratories, mining facilities and private laboratories. It’s unique composition allows for on-the-spot repairs to be undertaken by facilities management.

SPF Lite also helps with minimising waste and impact on the environment due to its’ repairable nature. SPF Lite can be re-sanded, “refreshed” or even reconfigured whenever required, saving the expense of new benchtops and resources for a whole new lab.