Wall Mounted Fitting with Plastic Inner Tube (Without R3/8 push fitting) S=150mm


Broen Uniflex Line offers a very high quality and highly durable complete program, adding up to low Life Cycle Costs. Broen Uniflex fittings for Special Water are disgned for laboratory use, with the operations and configuration of the fittings highly adaptable to the requirements of the modern laboratory. Requirements may include fittings for use with demineralised, distilled or deionised water as well as other special water sorts including brine. The suface of Broen Uniflex Special Water Fittings are treated with ”BROEN Polycoat” powder coating making the fittings highly resistant to most chemicals, UV light and heat. All special water fittings are as a standard delivered with a detachable hose nozzle with a loose union nut which offers quick and easy assembly and disassembly even when a hose is attached to the fitting. Broen’s special water fittings are designed especially to eliminate corrosion problems in connection with use of purified water. The fittings have a number of advantages: -Complete line of Stainless Steel Fittings – Complete line of plastic lined fittings – Recirculating fittings designed for corrosive media & to prohibit bacteria and stagnant water build up in labs – Designed to secure maximum purity of the water – Uniform design with the rest of the Broen Uniflex program


Broen Uniflex Wall Mounted Fitting with a Plastic Inner Tube, without R3/8 push fitting and spout standout = 150mm

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