Suspended Fitting with 90° Valve – 1 Valve – with Fixed Nozzle


Non-burning 4.0 gases are typical industrial and technical gases that are 99.99% clean and should be used in applications where impurities must be avoided. Common media that require oil and grease-free fittings are Oxygen, Instrumental, Synthetic and medical air as well as Helium and other oil-free gases for use with critical instrumentation.

Broen Uniflex fittigs for non-burning 4.0 gases are adapted to Oxygen service, meaning that the presence of mineral based oils and grease is minimized. Materials with media contact are Oxygen approved and ultrasonically cleaned. Assembled fittings are individually packed into sealed plastic bags. Oxygen is the most abundant element on the earth’s surface. In its most well-known form it constitutes 21% of the atmosphere, it is a tasteless, odorless and colorless gas essential to life.

Oxygen itself is not the fuel, but the oxidant and can ignite or support a fire if it comes into contact with flamable substances. Oxygen is used in innumerable application in industries such as: chemicals, pharmaceauticals, healthcare, laboratory and analysis, food and beverage and electronics.


Broen Uniflex premium suspended 90 4.0 non-burning gas fitting with one valve and fixed nozzle.

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