Hood 385mm dia.


Local Exhaust for a cleaner working environment Installation of individual fume extraction systems at the source of the pollutant during the working process prevents the spread of polluted air into the surroundings. A local exhaust system is therefore the best solution for a clean working environment. User-friendly extraction arm ALSIDENT¨ SYSTEM fume extraction arms are self-sustaining with internal threaded stays and bearing springs. This construction constitutes a very user-friendly fume extraction arm that is easy to adjust to the source of the pollutant during the working process. Easy maintenance and long durability The only maintenance an ALSIDENT¨ SYSTEM extraction arm needs is cleaning according to requirements. It is easy to disassemble the arm and reassemble it after cleaning without the need for tools. All ALSIDENT¨ SYSTEM extraction arms are made of high quality materials ensuring easy maintenance and long durability. All plastic parts are made of shock-proof Polypropylene (PP). The aluminium parts are anodized and the internal and external surfaces of all brackets are powder coated. Threaded stays, springs and finger screws are made of acid-proof stainless steel ensuring long durability in aggressive environments. All O-rings are maintenance-free. Measurements of pressure drop and efficiency The Danish Technological Institute has measured the sound level, pressure drop and efficiency of the ALSIDENT¨ SYSTEM extraction arms and hoods. Please contact ALSIDENT SYSTEM A/S, your distributor or visit www.alsident.com for test results, dimensioning diagrams and installation heights.


Alsident System 63 Hood 385mm dia.

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