Double Straight Wall Valve – With Quick Release Coupling


Broen UniFlex Premium fittings for burning gases are designed to be highlty adaptable to the operation and the configuration requirements of a modern laboratory. Broen fittings for burning gases are surface treated with Broen POLYCOAT powder coating, which is highly resistant to most chemicals, UV fading and heat.

The fittings come with “POP-UP” indication buttons that make it possible to visually observe if the valve is open. Media indication is according to EN13792. Ceramic press-turn headwork prevents form unintentional opening of the valve. All Broen Premium fittings for burning gases incorporate a BALLOFIX ball valve, which offers a number of advantages such as; local shut-off and pre-setting for experimental purposes.

As standard, fittings are delivered with a fixed metal nozzle or a quick release coupling for easy Broen UniFlex is a unique and patented connection, which allows customers to choose from various connection methods, such as hoses, Cu, PEX of Stainless Steel pipes, without changing the valve itself. It provides unique flexibility, not only for the installer, but also for the end-user.

Due to the flexibility of the system, the quick installation and savings on fittings, this system offers lower total installed costs. Burning gases are gases that burn or explode in presence of air or oxygen. Broen UniFlex fittings for burning gases can be used for natural gas (G), liquefied petroleum (LPG), as well as low pressure bottle gases such as propane, butane, methane, acetylene and hydrogen. These gases are typically commercially manufactured and sold to be used in applications with; laboratory and instrumentation, chemical and petrochemical industry, semiconductor industry, welding etc.


Broen Uniflex premium double wall fitting with straight valve for burning gas. Features pop-up handle and quick release coupling .

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