Ballofix Ball Valve: 1/2″ Female x 1/2″ Female


The Original Mini Ball Valve

The BALLOFIX® Ball Valve is a secure and easy way for isolating the
flow of liquids in domestic and commercial applications.

> 100% leak tested

> Chrome plated

> 5-year warranty

> Tamper proof

> Multiple Applications

>Maximum inlet pressure – 1600 kPA
(16 bar)

Available on back-order

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Features and Benefits:

✓ Ball is mounted between Teflon sealing rings – Provides complete tightness and smooth operation.

✓ DZR Brass Body – All valves are supplied in DZR brass material making them suitable for drinking water.

✓ A slot is machined in the top of the ball neck – Easy to determine if the valve is open or closed.

✓ Incorporated internal stop in the valve body – Provide a fixed 90° turn of the ball from fully closed to fully open position.


✓ where quality installations are required

✓ multiple installations with restricted access

✓ public toilets

✓ pressurised air lines

✓ general industry and maintenance

✓ automotive applications

✓ air conditioning and mechanical service

✓ isolation of plumbing fixtures like tempering valves, dishwashers, hand basins, urinals and toilet