Fridurit Direct – The quick ceramic solution


Friatec AG was founded in 1863
in Mannheim, Germany and has been a world leader in innovation for products
made of non-corroding and wear-resistant materials for over 145 years. The
Fridurit benchtop is Friatec’s answer to compete with the harsh environmental
factors found in laboratories today. 

Fridurit is resistant to basically everything commonly found in a laboratory,
advantages include; 

Easy to clean: Technical ceramic nature of the benchtop poses no
problems when cleaning the surface, impervious to dyes, varnishes, dirt, and
grease. The extreme hardness and abrasion resistance of the benchtop allow it
to remain totally unaffected from the environmental impacts of a laboratory
environment, even after years of use and undergoing repeated cleaning with
aggressive cleaning agents and tools. 

Resistance to chemicals: Fully resistant to chemicals commonly used
in the laboratory e.g. Nitric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide (even when used at high
concentrations, temperatures and with a long reaction time). 

Microbiologically pure: Able to be decontaminated and disinfected
with ease. The permanently sealed surfaces preclude breeding grounds for
viruses, bacteria or germs.

Impact and Scratch resistant: Fridurit benchtops always look as
good as new. Their extremely high scratch-resistance (Mohs Hardness Scale 7)
prevents all trace of use. 

Heat resistance: Resistant to heat from open flames and hot objects
up to temperatures of 500¼C. The surface is non-flammable and completely

Environmentally compatible: Fridurit technical ceramics are
manufactured purely and simply from natural earth resources, such as clay,
kaolin and feldspar. Such material, which contains no chemical substances,
poses no problems in terms of recycling. Fridurit technical ceramics is thus a
classic example of “green” building materials, which represent an
important element in implementing “green building” concepts. These
concepts (e.g. LEED, BREeAM) increase resource efficiency in buildings while at
the same time reducing damaging effects on both health and environment. Staff
who work in laboratories are thus active in an environment that is free of
emissions and thoroughly safe. 

Available in various different configurations and colours tailored to
individual requirements, Fridurit is the perfect solution for any form of
project. Please contact
 for further information and/or test results.

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Quickly available component-system of high-quality ceramic laboratory benchtops with matching sinks and cup sinks.