Broen bench mounted cold water fitting with swivel spout WPC (metal handle)


Product highlights:

· Designed specifically for use in laboratories

· Built-in Broen BALLOFIX ball valve, allowing for individual above bench isolation of water for easy/cost-effective servicing

· Proprietary Broen Polycoat surfacing allows for long lasting aesthetics – high UV, heat and chemically resistant properties

· Supplied with 700mm hose with loose ½” nut to connect directly to water supply

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Handle: Metal, (Broen Polycoat powdercoat) with
media indication according to EN13792. 

Hose Nozzle: Removable metal. 

Headwork: Ceramic. 

Opening & Closing function: 180° (wrist action lever

Temperature range: 0-90ºC. 

Max. working pressure: 10 bar / 147 psi. 

Test pressure: 1 x working pressure. 

Weight: 1.4 kg

Metals: Brass

Plastics: POM, PTFE, SPX (Hose)

Sealing: EPDM

Lubricant: Silicone based

AL₂O₃ 96%

NB: The above-mentioned code is for potable water, cold
(WPC). This fitting is also available in non-potable water, cold (WNC).

Please refer to OPTIONS tab for WNC specification.