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Our Process

SGF Laboratories have over 10 years experience in building laboratories in the form of either refurbishment of existing facilities as well as new designs. Our process is ultimately designed to satisfy the client and benefit the end-user by working together with architects, school facilitators, specifiers and laboratory technicians to help select the most appropriate product as well as plan the best layout that will suit the type of facility in planning. Together, our team have a diverse range of experience in different disciplines within the scientific furniture field and will endeavour to help clients to reach their goals.

  1. Assist with initial concept and design of your facility
    Assisting architects, hydraulic and mechanical consultants, school facilitators and end-users in initial concept design through to final approved plan.

  2. Seek most appropriate products to suit initial concept and design
    Offering clients the ‘complete’ laboratory solution. We distribute a wide range of products by world leaders in the laboratory market. Laboratory fittings and safety showers by Broen A/S (Denmark), Trespa Toplab Plus laboratory bench tops by Trespa International BV (Netherlands), SPF Lite bench tops by SGF Laboratories (Australia), Alsident System A/S (Denmark) fume extraction arms and Simmons Mouldings Ltd. (United Kingdom) epoxy sinks and work surfaces.

  3. Assist clients by directing them to the appropriate Australian standards and/or laboratory design guidelines for their project
    The Australian standards for laboratories are constantly changing, it is important that we can offer advice to our clients whenever those changes occur.

  4. Offer clients a supply-and-install service for bench tops if required
    The unique composition of SPF Lite integrated bench tops and sinks require SGF Laboratories to supply-and-install our own product. We warrant our product based upon this service. Trespa Toplab Plus is offered either on a supply only basis or a supply-and-install service depending on the nature and size of the project.

  5. Ongoing advice to clients on any changes or variations to products during the process.
    Quite often, laboratory fittings, showers and bench tops need modifications that are not obvious during the design process. They only come to fruition during the construction phase. We can facilitate those changes at any time during that construction process and offer our advice to ensure the end-user receives the product or service they require.

  6. Offer end of project services including; ongoing testing of safety showers and eyewashes, re-polishing of SPF Lite bench tops, and customer service after project completion.
    After sales customer service is of utmost importance to us. The small business nature of SGF Laboratories and the close relationships our staff have with our clients allow us to co-ordinate and communicate effectively with them to help with ongoing problem solving as well as advice on other issues that may arise after project completion. As OH & S requirements are now more stringently adhered to, we offer a new service whereby we test safety showers and eyewashes to the Australian Standards for correct flow rates and water distribution patterns. We also offer an excellent service to projects where SPF Lite has been installed to repolish, repair and bring the bench tops back to original-as-installed condition.