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"I am more than happy to introduce SGF Laboratories. SGF were the main people we used for outfitting our new science block (benches, sinks, tapware & gasware) which we moved into in October 2005. While we were a test case for their product in high schools, as the laboratory technician, I am pleased with the outcome. I was able to work closely with Gary and staff to help smooth the process of construction. I found them most helpful and willing to work with. The finished product has held up to energetic high school students and with proper maintenance will continue to do so. After the 3 years heavy use the benches look as good as the day they were made.

SGF have also been most obliging with regards to after sales assistance and I look forward to a continued association as time goes by."

“We are very happy with the SPF Lite bench tops – I have had a number of teachers from other schools through interested in what we had used for bench tops – I’ve given your product rave reviews because of their durability as well as how easy they are to clean.”