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Fume Extraction

AlsidentĀ® System localised fume extraction arms are an important product for every modern laboratory. Local extraction, which is often referred to as process ventilation, is about removing the pollution coming from a working process before it reaches surroundings and affects employees health and safety in the workspace.

The local extraction system eliminates pollution by extraction as close to the source as possible. For this purpose, the extraction arms from AlsidentĀ® System are an effective yet sophisticated choice. In the system, an extraction arm and hood are able to get close to the source of pollution without interrupting the working process. The system is most effective in applications when it comes to removing unhealthy pollution, such as chemical fumes, gases, smoke and dust.

AlsidentĀ® System has arms for a variety of work environments such as schools, universities, dental laboratories, welding stations in electronics factories and hairdressing salons.

They are another great Danish brand that is beautifully designed and manufactured.