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Stabitherm Thermostatic Mixing Valve 42⁰C

PRODUCT CODE: 12 140.009

The Broen Stabitherm is a high performance Thermostatic mixing valve suitable for a wide range of applications. Broen Stabitherm also carries the following features:

- Approved to NSW Health

- Complies with AS4032 and AS4020

- Cold and hot water shut down if either supply is interrupted

- Designed for easy servicing

- Suitable for installation into AS3500 compliant systems for hot water 65⁰C to 90⁰C and cold water 10⁰C to 25⁰C.


The Broen Stabitherm Thermostatic Mixing Valve is complete with built in non-return valves and strainers.

The hot and cold water inlets are 3/4 inch female, and the outlet is 1/2 inch male. 

The valves temperature is tested and set at 42 Degrees Celsius.

Mixed outlet Temperature: Temperature adjustment range 38⁰ to 42.5⁰ Celsius. 

Inlet temperatures cold supply: Minimum 5⁰C and maximum 30⁰C. 

Inlet temperatures hot supply: Minimum 65⁰C and maximum 90⁰C. 

Maximum cold water temperature is required to allow the wax element inside the cartridge to operate as intended. 

Minimum hot water temperature is required to allow copper element, full of wax, to expand and in turn fully shut the valve for fail safe testing. 

Minimum and maximum cold water temperatures are set to allow valve to accurately mix the outlet temperature to 38⁰C, 42.5⁰C and 50⁰C.

Available tested and set to 50⁰C.

Metals: DZR Brass, stainless steel, chrome plated brass. 

Plastics: Some plastic.

Sealing: EPDM rubber.

Please refer to our STABITHERM INSTALLATION AND SERVICE booklet for more detailed instructions. The Broen Stabitherm must be installed by a licensed plumber and commissioned and serviced by a plumber who has carried out the TAFE Thermostatic Mixing Valve course. Inlets and outlets are clearly marked, RED = Hot and BLUE = COLD. 

Outlet is 1/2 inch chrome plated male thread. If the valve is not installed as per the instructions with the 2 strainers supplied in the box, it will not function correctly and may avoid all warranties. Prior to installing the TMV, the system must be checked to ensure the conditions fall within the reccommended operating range of the BROEN Stabitherm. TMV must not be installed with a tempering valve between boiler and TMV. 

It is a requirement of AS3500 that each thermostatic mixing valve be fitted with isolating valves, strainers and non-return valves fitted to inlets for hot and cold water supply lines. Strainers and non-return valves are supplied with each Stabitherm. Strainers must be fitted to prevent contaminants entering the valve. Non-return valves must be fitted to prevent cross contamination. The valve should be installed so access is easily available for service.

Stabitherm Installation & Service Booklet (Stabitherm_Installation_&_Service_Booklet.pdf, 48,222 Kb) [Download]