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Building Controls

Our commercial range of products for building controls include:

Broen Stabitherm Thermostatic Mixing Valves

The Broen Stabitherm Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) is a high performance valve suitable for a wide range of applications. It is approved by NSW Health, complies with AS4032, AS4020, cold and hot water shut down if either supply is interrupted, designed for easy servicing and is suitable for installation into AS3500 compliant systems for HW 70ºC – 90ºC and CW 10 ºC – 25ºC . The Stabitherm TMV features a failsafe mechanism whereby, in the event of a sudden loss of hot or cold water, the valve will shut down in 2.7 seconds.

The Stabitherm TMV is assembled and tested right here in Queensland and suitable for installation into a number of applications such as; hospitals, hotels, commercial applications, residential application and aged care facilities.

Stabitherm TMVs also come in lockable preassembled stainless steel boxes (recessed or exposed) as well as for Cold water by-pass. There are several other accessories available within the range as well as expert technical and servicing advice where required.

Broen BALLOFIX® Ball Valves

BALLOFIX® is the most recognisable name in flow control in the world. The Broen BALLOFIX® ball valve concept was a ground breaking invention within the plumbing industry. The original Broen BALLOFIX® is fitted in over 100 million installations around the world. It is an intelligently designed and robust product, ensuring long-lasting reliability. Not only does Broen BALLOFIX® ensure low maintenance costs, it also allows components to be replaced without having to close down the whole system.

Broen Ballorex Balancing valves.

Ballorex is a leading brand within valves for balancing of heating and cooling systems. The Ballorex balancing valves ensure an evenly distributed water flow within individual risers, branches and terminal units in multi-storey or high-rise buildings. The Ballorex balancing valve range covers all technologies from manual balancing valves, differential pressure control valves, to pressure independent control valves.

The range includes, Venturi, Dynamic, Delta and Vario. The innovative Ballorex valve range is continuously being developed to make installation, balancing, and operation easier and faster, for improved end-user comfort and energy cost-savings.

SGF Laboratories distribute these products all around Australia and New Zealand and for many OEM customers.

Please follow link to Broen A/S Website for further information on these products.